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Start: 10:00 am
End: 8:00 pm
    We are proud members of the American Booksellers Association every day of the year.  This year, though, all the booksellers we know, through it, are doing something extra exciting.  It seems our friends over at Queen Anne Avenue Books had an "incident" with beloved author Sherman Alexie last year, and if you click on this: Sherman Alexie's letter to booksellers you'll see how that one little author/indie bookseller incident turned into what could turn out to be an awesome annual event for all the independent shops across the land! Below is the schedule of the authors donning their bookseller hats here for an hour or two on this day: 10 AM Kristin Halbrook 11 AM  Bonny Becker 12 N  Jerry Gold 2 PM  Kim Baker 4 PM  Sherman Alexie 5 PM  Jaime Temairik 5 PM  Peter Brown See the book list below for the merest tip of the iceburg of these author's fine talents. And fear not, they'll be signing all their own books, so feel free to ask them for a signature while they're here. But even more exciting, perhaps, is they'll also be making custom recommendations for all your reading needs (and all the people on your reading list!) We couldn't be more proud to host the best volunteer booksellers on the planet!  Thank you!

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