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How I Beat My Bully: A story inspired by true events (Hardcover)

How I Beat My Bully: A story inspired by true events By Niels Van Hove, Juliane Engelhardt (Illustrator) Cover Image
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A great story to start a conversation about bullying, self-worth and confidence between parent and child.

Alice is a kind and fun girl, but something terrible is happening to her. She's being bullied by someone she thought was her friend. She is heavily impacted, up to the point that she tells her mother she doesn't want to live anymore. However, with some help of her mother, she discovers her inner strength, learns how to stand up for herself and make new friends.

Soon enough, she realises that deep inside she is stronger than her bully. She gets her confidence back and starts feeling better again. Although she had a terrible time, she comes out as a stronger, more resilient and confident young girl.

Let this real-life story about bullying and courage inspire you.

This story is based on real-life experiences from a young school girl. At the time of the story, she was a third-grade student. This is her story with some of her advice on how she beat her bully. This is what she said after reading the book:

"I am so happy that my horrible story can be shared with the world I am also so grateful that with this book my story will be able to help other people going through the same thing to get through it."

She hopes that her story will inspire and help many children around the world

She gives the following advice in her story:

Bullying awareness:
1. Know what bullying is, and what isn't.
2. Know that anyone can be a bully.
3. Know that being bullied is never your fault

Small interventions:
1. Always tell a trusted person that you're being bullied
2. Use body eye contact and body language to look strong
3. Use verbal ques like 'stop I don't like that'
4. Stay in a save environments with other friends
5. Physically stay away or ignore the bully
6. Keep doing exercise and your hobbies
7. Organize play days with other friends

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ISBN: 9780648085980
ISBN-10: 0648085988
Publisher: Truebridges Media
Publication Date: July 26th, 2019
Pages: 42
Language: English