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Spotted in France (Hardcover)

Spotted in France Cover Image
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Gregory Edmont is just another American sojourning in Paris...until he adopts a sophisticated Dalmation named JP. Suddenly his life is charmed: He's met with smiles every time he and JP step out, acquaintances become friends, and the City of Lights becomes home. The good fortune continues as the rest of France beckons, and the duo set off on a mission of love.

They leap to action after a call from the eccentric Dalmatian breeder, Madame Clix: JP's services are needed to sire a new litter of puppies in Provence. The adventure begins with a near-arrest, as the French authorities question the legality of a two-wheeling Dalmation. They escape, but the roller-coaster of a journey includes a breakdown or two, a coven of witches (who thankfully possess scooter-repairing skills), eleven-course meals at five-star restaurants (JP is served from a silver platter), a cleaver-bearing butcher's wife, and much more. When they finally arrive at their destination, they discover the power of love...just not quite as anyone expected. Amusing and poignant, it examines the role of fate in our lives and surprises us with its unexpected twists and turns.

Praise For…

Spotted in France - Library Journal Review September 15, 2003

Edmont, Gregory. Spotted in France
Lyons: Globe Pequot Sept. 2003, c.256p.
Illus. ISBN 1-59228-147-8. $19.95 TRAV

Edmont is an American in Paris on the verge of returning to New York when JP (a Dalmatian with a genealogy going back to the 18th century and a personality to match) comes into his life. When an eccentric breeder invites JP and his master to Provence and the Côte d'Azure to bring forth more blue-blooded Dalmatians, they ride there on a Vespa, with the goggle-wearing JP in the footrest. Many adventures-and some misadventures-befall them on their journey. They encounter a coven of witches (who can fix scooters) and dine at five-star restaurants, where JP is served food on a silver platter and provided with a cushion for a postprandial nap. The numerous endearing and eccentric characters (like the cleric who marries JP) will have the reader in stitches. Part travel log, part book about dogs and dog lovers, this magical work is highly recommended for all public and academic libraries. Read it when you are feeling down. -Ravi Shenoy, Naperville P.L., IL

"John Steinbeck and his beloved Charley have nothing on Gregory Edmont and his sophisticated Dalmation JP. Traveling together on a motor scooter from Paris through the French countryside, they take us on a funny, mesmerizing and unexpectedly poignant adventure."
--Jon Katz, author of The New Work of Dogs

Product Details
ISBN: 9781592281473
Publisher: Lyons Press
Publication Date: September 1st, 2003
Pages: 240
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