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The Goodbye Family and the Great Mountain (Hardcover)

The Goodbye Family and the Great Mountain By Lorin Morgan-Richards, Richard-Lael Lillard (Foreword by), Jessica Rose Felix (Editor) Cover Image
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The Goodbye Family and the Great Mountain follows the lives of Weird West undertakers Otis, Pyridine, and their daughter Orphie. Pyridine is a witch and matriarch mortician, Otis is a brainless but bold hearse driver, and Orphie is appointed grave digger for her strength of twenty men. Through bumbling, Otis discovers his neighbors are turning into zombies, a mystery that is directly affecting their burial business. In their backyard cemetery, they travel to the underworld for answers and uncover a plot to surface the evil entities that would otherwise burn in the Lake of Fire, have risen again through oil pumps that are bottled up as a tonic medicine for the ground above. The tonic goes fast, and the host takes over the body when the body perishes. Can the Goodbyes hilarious gaffes and revelations plug up the works? Find out in this fast-paced carriage ride through the underworld. The story includes an exclusive foreword by entertainer and medium Richard-Lael Lillard.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781733287951
ISBN-10: 1733287957
Publisher: Raven Above Press
Publication Date: February 16th, 2020
Pages: 252
Language: English