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We welcome your online orders! We are a brick and mortar bookshop who loves nothing more than when customers order books from us . . . either in person, over the telephone (just call us @ (206) 789-5006), via email (drop us a line:, or online.

Shop here on our site by entering a title or author or keyword in the SEARCH BOOKS window at the top of this page.

Just know that, although we have around 30,000 books on the shelves of our shop on any given day, our site is referencing the stock at our warehouse of 1.5 million titles, which, granted, we have amazingly quick access to.  You may need to give us a day or two to get some titles from the warehouse into our shop for you. If your title is not here already, that is. Conversely, if the title you've chosen yields "subject to special order" many times we cannot get the book in a week or two or ever.  We're working on getting that bit of confusing verbiage changed.
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